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Vision and Mission

Written by RJ. Tatlonghari

Cavinti’s Development Vision and Mission


Bagong Cavinti – A first class municipality that cares equally to all, lead by God-fearing, honest, competent and respectful leaders. A town with educated and healthy citizenry; where people enjoy high quality of life; with progressive industry; modern agriculture; clean and safe environment. An eco-tourism, eventful, adventure and falls capital of Laguna. 


The municipality shall endeavour to implement development program and projects and ensure the delivery of basic services through good governance. Provide adequate infrastructure facilities. Employ ecologically sustainable development strategies building on the unity and active participation of committed citizenry. It shall give preferential treatment for the poor. Promote Cavinti as the eco-tourism, eventful, adventure and falls capital of Laguna towards building Bagong Cavinti.

Development Plans

To make possible the realization of the foregoing development and vision; sectoral goals, objectives and strategies have been formulated based on the sectoral studies of Comprehensive Land Use Plan (Volume 3) prepared by Dr. Gerlie T. Tatlonghari (Volunteer Consultant for Socio-Economic Sector) and For. Rick Jayson A. Tatlonghari (Volunteer Consultant for GIS and Land Use Sector).

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